Supporting Innovation – A key strategic aim for the HPRA

The HPRA’s commitment to supporting innovation is reflected in our strategic plan for 2016-2020 which lists “Supporting innovation – Providing regulatory support and advice to research and development centres” as one of our strategic goals and objectives. This key strategic aim reflects both the high density of innovative industries across the life sciences sector in Ireland and also the presence of an extensive research, development and innovation sector within academia and other areas.

The HPRA’s focus on innovation is also consistent with Innovation 2020, which is Ireland’s five year strategy on research and development and science and technology. This strategy identifies a number of priority areas related to the health and medical sector and notes that innovation is critical to improving health and well-being.

Innovation is also a key focus within the European regulatory network. The Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) and the EMA “Joint Strategy to 2020” highlights support for patient focussed innovation and contribution to a vibrant life science sector in Europe as a key objective.

Strong links between academia, industry and regulators will help to encourage and support innovation. This will benefit the manufacturing, research and development of health products, the services sector and ultimately will provide benefits for patients who use health products. 

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