Paw Patrol / Peppa Pig / Crayola Mouldable Foam Soap – Warning

Notice type: Warning

Date: 27/10/2017

Bath product for children

Product name or type:
Paw Patrol Mouldable Foam Soap Peppa Pig Mouldable Foam Soap Crayola Mouldable Foam Soap

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An incident has occurred recently in Northern Ireland involving a young child using the Paw Patrol Mouldable Foam product. The case is currently being investigated by the authorities in Northern Ireland.

The UK manufacturer, Kokomo, has said it is co-operating fully with Trading Standards in Northern Ireland and England to help them investigate the incident. As a precautionary measure distributors of this product are being asked to withdraw the Paw Patrol product from sale while the investigation is ongoing. As Kokomo also produces the same product for Peppa Pig and Crayola brands, the HPRA is requesting that all Irish retailers remove stocks of all three products from their shelves at this time.

The HPRA is advising consumers that may have any of the three products to stop using them until the outcome of the investigation is available. The manufacturer has said consumers can return the product to the store for a full refund. If consumers wish to contact the manufacturer, they can email or call +44 (0)1235 828288.

The HPRA urges consumers to always read the product labelling, in particular the precautions for use and warnings, before using any cosmetic product.

Also, the HPRA strongly advises anyone who experiences any undesirable effects relating to a cosmetic product to stop using the product immediately. You should also report the effects to the cosmetic company (whose contact details are on the product packaging) and to the HPRA by emailing

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