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COVID-19 Update

The vast majority of HPRA staff are currently working remotely. This is in line with Government advice which aims to slow down the spread of the infection.

During this period, please correspond with us by e-mail using existing HPRA staff e-mail contacts or via the relevant mailboxes below:

Reporting Safety and Quality Issues

If you are concerned that you have had a side effect to a medicine, or experienced an adverse incident or event linked to any health product regulated by the HPRA, you can report this to us directly through our online reporting service. Alternatively, you can e-mail us using the relevant e-mail address below:

Adverse reaction/event reporting – Human medicines:
Adverse reaction/event reporting – Human organs for transplantation:
Adverse incident reporting – Medical devices:
Adverse event/reaction reporting – Tissues & cells:
Adverse reaction/event reporting – Veterinary medicines:
Quality issue/defect reporting – Human & veterinary Medicines: 

Human Medicines

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*When contacting the HPRA in relation to an application, please provide the Case Reference Number (CRN) and/or PA number, Procedure Number & CESP if available. 
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Controlled Substances

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Compliance, Inspections & Enforcement

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Medical Devices

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Blood, Tissues and Organs

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Veterinary Medicines

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Scientific Animal Protection

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General / Other

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