Management Teams

Compliance Department 

Mr. John Lynch - Director

Mr. H. Bonar - Enforcement Manager 
Ms. P. Bradshaw - Licensing Manager 
Ms. A. Hayes - Inspection Manager 
Ms. Y. Maloney - Planning Manager 
Dr. K. O'Donnell - Market Compliance Manager 
Ms. A. Farrell - Healthcare Products Distribution Manager 

Finance, Corporate and International

Ms Rita Purcell - Deputy Chief Executive

Ms J. Cottell - Information Officer 
Ms. Jackie Cottell - Corporate Services Manager
Mr. D. Sherry - Financial Controller 

Human Products Monitoring 

Dr. Joan Gilvarry - Director

Ms. N. Arthur - Pharmacovigilance Manager 
Dr. Y. Looney - Vigilance Assessment Manager
Dr. A Spooner - Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Lead
Ms. A. Tobin - Medical Devices Vigilance and Compliance Manager

Human Resources

Ms. Lynsey Perdisatt - Director

Ms. R. Doyle - Learning and Development Manager 
Ms E. Stuart - Human Resources Manager

Human Products Authorisation and Registration 

Ms. Grainne Power - Director

Dr. E. Breslin - Clinical Assessment Manager 
Ms. M. Carleton - Devices Technical Assessment Manager
Dr. Una Moore - Pharmaceutical Assessment Manager
Dr. Peter Kiely - Clinical Assessment Manager
Dr. N. MacAleenan - Clinical Assessment Manager (lead on medical device issues) 
Ms. S. Costigan - Business Process Co-ordination Manager 
Ms. Emily Raymond (Acting) - Planning Manager 

ICT and Business Services

Mr. Kevin Horan - Director

Mr. K. Pyper - IT Manager 
Ms. M. O'Connell - Business Services Manager

Quality, Scientific Affairs and Communications

Dr. Caitriona Fisher - Director

Mr. Laurence O’Dwyer - Scientific Affairs Manager
Ms. Lorraine Leahy - Quality Manager
Mr. Nigel Fox - Communication and Information Manager

Veterinary Sciences

Dr. J.G. Beechinor, Director 

Ms. G. Flanagan - Acting Planning and Authorisation Manager 
Dr. D. Murphy - Veterinary Manager - CVMP
Ms. M. O'Grady - Pharmaceutical Assessment Manager 
Ms. A. O'Keeffe - SAP Manager 
Mr. P McNeill – Veterinary Assessment Manager
Veterinary Sciences Organisational Chart