HPRA Medicinal Products Newsletter - Issue Number 69 - May to August 2021

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Published 30 September 2021

In this issue

  • HPRA Website User Survey

Human Medicines 

  • Submitting a Request for Ireland to Act as Reference Member State in a Decentralised Procedure

  • Azide Impurities – Reminder

  • Clinical Trial Regulation Progress

Veterinary Medicines

  • HPRA Information Day on 28 October 2021 - Implementation of Regulation 2019/6 in Ireland

  • Implementation of Regulation 2019/6 – Update

  • Applications for Veterinary Medicinal Products for Pets that Qualify for Registration under Article 5(6) of Regulation 2019/6

  • Update on Implementation of HPRA Report - Method of Supply of Antiparasitic Veterinary Medicinal Products for Use in Food-producing Animals

  • Choosing between EU Authorisation Procedures

  • Update on Irish Language Case

  •  Staff Changes in the Veterinary Sciences Team


  • Understanding the Definition of a Cosmetic Product: Claims and Uses

  • Updates to Active Substance Registrations – When to Notify Manufacture of a New Active Substance

  • Cross-contamination Control and GMP Inspection Findings

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