HPRA People Strategy

'A framework for how we succeed together'

In the HPRA we believe our people are key to our success. The People Strategy represents a statement of our commitment to support and invest in our people so that both they and the HPRA can succeed together.

The strategy was developed in conjunction with our employees across the organisation. It ensures alignment between our Values, our Strategic Plan and the People Strategy to create a unified purpose. This enables our values of Patient focused, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Inclusion and Innovation to guide the what we do and how we do it.

Supported by the identification of key priorities, the framework for our People Strategy comprises of four people pillars; Purpose, Growth, Belonging and Wellbeing. Together these pillars form the essence of what everyone should experience while working for the HPRA. Within each pillar, we have identified key areas of focus.

Below is a summary of our promise for each pillar of the People Strategy:

An image of a target board to represent the pillar of purpose.


We all see how we contribute to the overall vision.

An image of an icon of a tree growing underneath a hand to represent the pillar of growth.


We all have the opportunity to maximise our potential.

An image of an icon of people together to represent the pillar of belonging.


We all feel a sense of community

An image of an icon of a person exercising to represent the pillar of wellbeing.


We are accepted and comfortable to bring our whole self to work.