HPRA Innovation Day highlights regulatory supports for health product and technology innovators

The HPRA held its first Innovation Day on 25th May 2017 in the O’Reilly Hall UCD. The conference brought together researchers, entrepreneurs and other interested parties from various sectors including academia, research organisations, SMEs and the life sciences industries. Over 250 delegates registered for the event which outlined the supports available to those developing novel health products and technologies. The event included presentations from the HPRA and the European Medicines Agency on regulatory supports for innovation, speakers from Enterprise Ireland and the Health Innovation Hub and presentations from clinical researchers and innovators on their experiences performing research in Ireland.

Ms Lorraine Nolan, Chief Executive, HPRA said, “Enhancing communication and strengthening the links between academia, industry and regulators is a key support for a sector which is highly dynamic and innovative. At our Innovation Day event in UCD, leading scientific and business experts came together to discuss how best we can facilitate innovators here in Ireland. Ideally, if we can collectively identify regulatory queries and issues at an early stage in the development of a health product then by working together we can address these issues to help facilitate the delivery of innovative products and technologies to the market. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure patients have timely access to the most effective and safe health products possible.”

The HPRA would like to thank the speakers and all those who attended on the day and we look forward to future innovation-focused events. A selection of images from the day can be viewed below.

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