Risks of using Melanotan 2

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 27/06/2022

The HPRA strongly advises members of the public not to purchase or use Melanotan

There is no authorised medicine called Melanotan 2 (also known as Melanotan, Melanotan II or MT2). It is not authorised by medicines regulators to treat any condition, including for the purpose of changing skin colour. This substance is typically sold either as an injectable powder or, more recently, as a nasal spray or oral drops.

Despite the manner in which products containing Melanotan 2 may be presented to consumers, they are not cosmetic products. Products intended to be inhaled, injected or absorbed from under the tongue cannot be classified as cosmetics.

As Melanotan 2 is neither an authorised medicine nor a cosmetic product, it is not possible to obtain it from any legitimate source.

Our advice to anyone using Melanotan is to stop immediately. If you are concerned that you have experienced ill effects from using Melanotan, we recommend you speak to your doctor. You can also use our online form to report such effects to the HPRA.

No evidence of safety, quality and effectiveness

Before a medicine can be authorised, it must be assessed by regulators such as the HPRA for its safety, quality and effectiveness. This has not happened for the substance Melanotan 2. As a result, there is little information on the safety or effectiveness of these products, what they actually contain, or how and where they were made.

We urge people to consider the fact that there is no supporting safety data available for this substance before they inject it into their body or inhale it into their lungs.

Concerning health effects from using Melanotan 2 have been reported to the HPRA and our international partners. These effects include the development of new moles, darkening of existing moles and freckles, vision loss, stroke, muscle tremors and anaphylaxis.

The act of injecting or inhaling these products also increases the health risks. For example, an injectable powder must first be mixed with a sterile liquid. As there is no assurance about how the products are made, there is no assurance that this liquid is sterile before a person injects it. This risks cross-contamination and infection. Quality and hygiene concerns also apply to nasal sprays and drops.


Members of the public should be aware that the sale and advertising of Melanotan products is illegal. This includes supply through online sources and social media platforms. The HPRA routinely monitors and removes any such products and actively enforces against suspected breaches of the law.

Members of the public can report suspicious activities around the supply of Melanotan and other health products to the HPRA, in confidence, by emailing reportacase@hpra.ie or by calling 01 634 3871 or 01 634 3431.


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