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The role of the HPRA under the Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013 is to establish, publish and maintain a list of interchangeable medicines on our website. Under this legislation, interchangeable medicines are defined as those medicines that (1) contain the same active ingredient in the same strength, (2) are in the same pharmaceutical form, and (3) have the same route of administration.

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1 matching groups of interchangeable medicines for the active substance Lansoprazole and the strength 15mg and the form Gastro-resistant Capsules/Orodispersible Tablets
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Gastro-resistant Capsules/Orodispersible Tablets

Interchangeable List Code: IC0008-032-033
Products on List: 8 Show products
Date of Last Publication: 07/03/2024

If a patient has any questions about a medicine they are taking they should contact their doctor or pharmacist.