Digital Transformation Delivery Manager - ICT & Business Services

Closing date for applications: 26/03/2023

Role Summary

The role of the Digital Transformation Delivery Manager is central to the provision of best in class information technology and business process capabilities to the HPRA, and supporting the organisation in fulfilling its regulatory function. The scope of the position includes supporting the delivery of the organisation’s overall objectives and strategy, and specifically in delivering the digital transformation strategy to support the achievement of those objectives.

As a member of the ICT and Business Services (ICTBS) leadership team, the Digital Transformation Delivery Manager will lead and develop the Business Services team, from a technical, process and managerial perspective. They will work closely with the Director, the HPRA’s leadership team and cross-organisationally to drive the organisation’s approach to digital transformation.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the delivery of a varied portfolio of technology supported initiatives which contribute to the digital transformation strategy and will ensure alignment with the objectives of the overall organisation strategy. They will proactively engage with a diverse range of stakeholders across the organisation to understand business processes and requirements, and to identify and deliver on opportunities for improvement. They will proactively monitor process change and development demand, trends, and capacity, and will evaluate stakeholder feedback to develop and implement quality improvement measures and processes. Central to this work is the optimisation and rationalisation of transaction applications, the enhancement of digital integrations, and the improvement of the organisation’s data and analytics capabilities.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Management

  • Drive and support the delivery of the Digital Transformation Strategy and ensure alignment of activity with the HPRA's overall organisational strategy and service plans. Develop realistic plans and manage delivery of strategy components. Support the ICTBS department in delivering initiatives and projects that contribute to the achievement of the overall organisation strategic plan.

  • Develop and maintain an integrated view of processes, applications, and change requirements across internal operational processes, and across common European platforms.

  • Maintain a forward view of evolving business process requirements, application development demand, and of available resources and capacity. Determine and justify when additional capacity is required to support delivery schedules.

  • Identify, plan and manage the integration of HPRA processes and applications with common European regulatory applications and platforms.

  • Identify opportunities for enhanced application functionality to provide operational efficiencies and improved process capabilities to the organisation.

  • Maintain visibility of emerging information technology concepts and delivery models, and evaluate their applicability and value for the HPRA.

  • Identify and implement improvements in business process analysis, application development and project delivery through process, technology, policy or operational change.

  • Provide technical oversight across systems and applications.

  • Represent the HPRA at information technology forums organised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Commission and other organisations as required.

  • Lead, manage and develop staff through change and development initiatives and providing a supportive environment to enable a motivated, impactful and adaptable team.

  • Support the ICTBS Director in the management and ongoing development of the ICTBS function.


For more information, please refer to the role profile below. Applications should be submitted via the HPRA Recruitment Portal

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