Director of Human Products Monitoring (HPM)

Closing date for applications: 30/09/2019


The Human Products Monitoring Department (HPM) is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the safety of human medicines that have been authorised or licensed for use in Ireland. The post-market surveillance activities employ a range of tools to monitor the safety of medicines including the assessment of reports of suspected adverse events/ incidents, conducting scheduled safety reviews, and evaluating new and emerging data from trials and studies. In co-operation with pharmacovigilance professionals in Europe and further afield, the department is responsible for monitoring adverse reaction reports to identify new types of reactions, signals or changing trends in reporting.

Reporting to the Chief Executive, the role of the HPM Director is:
- Provide strategic and operational leadership to the HPM Department.
- Ensure that the resources and processes of the department operate in an integrated and effective manner to achieve the goals, objectives and targets defined in the strategic and departmental plans.
- Assist the Chief Executive and Management Committee in delivering the overall organisational strategic goals.
- Assist the Chief Executive and Management Committee in the identification and implementation of reform measures for the organisation’s approach to the oversight of its regulatory activities for human medicines including appropriate risk management.

The Director will play a full and leading part in managing and further expanding the Authority’s national, European and international influence with respect to the post authorisation of human medicines.


To pursue an interest in this position, candidates must forward a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and supporting letter by email to Rowan Hillis of Odgers Berndtson at

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