HR Manager (Acting), Human Resources, Human Resources and Change Department

Closing date for applications: 01/12/2019


Reporting to the Director of HR&C, the role of the HR Manager (Acting) is to:

  • Support the Director of HR&C in the management and development of the section to achieve required levels of performance and to respond effectively to changes in the internal and external environment.
  • Provide operational leadership to manage the overall performance of an evolving HR team by defining objectives, setting targets, coordinating activities, agreeing priorities, developing team members, maintaining effective communication lines; and ensuring that the required standards, policies and practices are in place.
  • Provide motivation, encouragement and effective management for the HR team.
  • Work closely with the other members of the HR team and learning & development section to ensure appropriate levels of communication, integrated planning and achievement of joint objectives.
  • Maintain effective working relationships between the HR&C department and other areas of the HPRA, ensuring that any required interactions are adequately defined, effectively managed and reviewed as appropriate.
  • Support the Director of HR&C in the co-ordination and management of change initiatives across the HPRA.
  • Ensure that appropriate objectives, measures and targets are used to drive performance and that these are incorporated into each member of the HR teams’ individual performance development plans.
  • Work in partnership with all areas of the business to ensure the efficient and consistent implementation of all Human Resources policies and procedures across the organisation.

Applications should be submitted via the HPRA Recruitment Portal.

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