Pharmaceutical Assessor, Pharmaceutical Assessment - Veterinary Sciences

Closing date for applications: 29/09/2019

Role Summary


The Pharmaceutical Assessor will work as part of the Pharmaceutical Assessment section in the Veterinary Sciences (VS) department and will assist in the evaluation of the pharmaceutical aspects of new applications for veterinary medicinal products and variations to/renewal of existing authorisations for pharmaceutical products containing new chemical entities or established active ingredients.


The Pharmaceutical Assessor will work closely and maintain effective working relationships with the other members of the Pharmaceutical Assessment section, and with members of the Veterinary Sciences department as a whole, to ensure effective co-ordination and co-operation across all areas of assessment and to ensure that the objectives of the VS department are met.


The Pharmaceutical Assessor will maintain effective working relationships with colleagues in other sections and departments of the HPRA, and with stakeholder sections, to ensure that Pharmaceutical Assessment issues requiring cross-functional input are effectively investigated and followed up on.

Applications should be submitted via the HPRA Recruitment Portal.

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