Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 3 October 2018

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 03/10/2018


Further Information:

The Health Products Regulatory Authority has been notified of a shortage of the following products:

  • Valsartan Krka 160mg Film Coated Tablet – PA1347/010/008
  • Valsartan Mylan 320mg Film Coated Tablets – PA0577/134/004
  • Valsartan Teva 40mg Film Coated Tablets – PA0749/084/001
  • Valsartan Teva 80mg Film Coated Tablets – PA0749/084/002


Update on Supply of Adrenaline Auto-injectors

The HPRA is aware of the global intermittent supply of adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) that impacts the Irish market. We have been working closely with all suppliers of AAIs to reduce the impact of supply disruptions on patients and healthcare professionals. While there are limited supplies of some specific AAIs, alternative AAIs are available. The HPRA advises that patients and their carers familiarise themselves with the AAI that has been supplied as it may not have been one you have received previously. If you have any questions relating to administration of the auto-injector, please speak to your pharmacist or doctor.

The HPRA will be maintaining regular contact with all AAI suppliers and other relevant stakeholders. The medicine shortages list will be updated frequently as new information arrives and will provide information in relation to shortages of any individual medicines.


Please see the shortages section of the HPRA website for further information.

The HPRA will be sending weekly updates concerning medicinal product shortages. However, the above webpage will be updated in real time.

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