HPRA Publications - HPV Vaccines

The HPRA publishes a Drug Safety Newsletter (DSN) several times every year. Articles in the DSN are primarily aimed at healthcare professionals and highlights important safety information in relation to medicines/vaccines. The HPRA also publishes an article in the monthly editions of MIMS Ireland. The following information was published in relation to HPV vaccines in the HPRA DSN and MIMS Ireland:

Drug Safety Newsletter Edition 37 (additional insert) - May 2010

Drug Safety Newsletter Edition 39 - November 2010

Drug Safety Newsletter Edition 43 - August 2011

Drug Safety Newsletter Edition 71  – December 2015

HPRA article in MIMS Ireland – August 2011

Every year the HPRA publishes its annual report of key activities and performance highlights for the year. HPV vaccines are discussed in the following Annual Reports:

HPRA (previously IMB) Annual Report 2010

HPRA (previously IMB) Annual Report 2011

HPRA (previously IMB) Annual Report 2012

HPRA Annual Report 2015

HPRA Annual Report 2017

The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) is the committee at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that is responsible for assessing and monitoring safety issues for human medicines. The PRAC meet once a month at the EMA (at which the HPRA participate) and the highlights of each PRAC meeting are published on the HPRA website every month.