New Veterinary Regulation Webinar

On 31 March 2021, the HPRA held a webinar to provide information about how the New Veterinary Regulation affects marketing authorisation holders and veterinary manufacturers.

The webinar aimed to:

  • raise awareness of upcoming changes impacting the regulation of veterinary medicinal products;

  • focus on aspects of the new Regulation directly affecting how marketing authorisation holders engage with the regulatory system;

  • outline the next steps in the implementation pathway;

  • inform stakeholders about where to find relevant information.

A recording of the webinar is available below, in addition to copies of the presentation slides and a Q&A document providing responses to questions raised in the webinar.

Video Recording 

Please note that the video below is only available to view if you have selected the relevant preferences in the cookie settings for our website. The video is also available to view on our YouTube account. On YouTube, time stamps are available in the description box, which allow you to skip to specific sections of the video. 




Please download copies of the presentation slides using the links below. 

Webinar welcome and overview
David Murphy

J. Gabriel Beechinor, Director of Veterinary Sciences, HPRA

Union Product Database
Elaine Hynes

Mary O'Grady

Paul McNeill

SPC & Labelling
Rhona McHugh

Paul Sexton

Complementary national legislation
J. Gabriel Beechinor

Closing remarks
David Murphy

Q & A document 

The following questions were raised during the webinar and the HPRA has assembled them and provided written answers in a Q & A document.

If you have further questions, or if the HPRA did not correctly capture your question, please email a new question to