Parallel trade

Parallel trade is the importation from an EU Member State or a country within the European Economic Area of a veterinary medicinal product which shares a ‘common origin’ with a veterinary medicine already authorised in Ireland. The parallel trader is a wholesale distributor other than the importer appointed by the marketing authorisation holder of the product on the Irish market. Once authorised by the HPRA, the parallel traded product may then be distributed in Ireland.

An authorisation for a parallel traded product is identified by the letters 'PVPA' in front of the authorisation number. Further information on the licensing of parallel traded products is available in the HPRA Guide to parallel trade for veterinary medicines. The application form has been updated and is available to download. 

The HPRA is not in a position to assess or comment on trademark or copyright issues relating to parallel importation. Further information on these issues can be found in the European Commission communication COM(2003) 839. Please note that the parallel import of veterinary medicines which have been authorised by the European Commission must be notified to the European Medicines Agency using the centralised procedure. For more information, please consult the EMA website.