Information for vets, vet nurses and animal healthcare professionals

Although the overall trend of reporting adverse reactions/events is increasing, the number of cases reported directly to the HPRA by veterinary practitioners, veterinary nurses and pharmacists remains relatively low (less than 5 percent of all reports received).

Veterinary professionals as well as persons licensed to sell or supply veterinary medicines are reminded of their obligation to notify the relevant company marketing the medicine or the HPRA of all suspected adverse reactions/events.

A short video presentation is available below that has been prepared specifically for vets, vet nurses and animal healthcare professionals to explain the importance and to encourage the reporting of adverse events following use of veterinary medicines.

The video provides useful information on how safety and effectiveness of medicines is ensured, the different types of adverse events, the importance of reporting adverse events as week as information on how and to whom adverse events should be reported.

A full transcript of this video is also available to download.

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