Notice concerning use of flukicidal products in bovine animals intended to produce milk for human consumption

Notice type: 3rd Party Publications

Date: 20/04/2012


Background Information Or Related Documents:
The IMB wishes to update stakeholders regarding the ongoing restriction on the use of certain flukicides in animals producing milk for human consumption.

The IMB is pleased to report that as a result of its efforts in making suitable applications for maximum residue limits (MRLs) to the European Medicines Agency, MRLs have recently been designated for milk in respect of closantel, nitroxynil and triclabendazole as set out in the attached document, Update on MRLs for flukicides.

The IMB wishes to point out that this is a dynamic situation; further developments in relation to this matter are expected over the coming months. The IMB will provide a further update of the situation in due course.

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