Safety Notices

The purpose of these notices relating to the safety and/or quality of medicinal products is to update users and health care professionals of important changes to medicines, and to explain the reasons for those changes. The notices are classified under a number of categories and may relate to human and veterinary medicines, or medical devices.   

The issues covered by these notices will range from quality defect information and medicinal product safety information through to updated information on the appropriate usage of medicines or devices.

Notices are categorised in accordance with their importance at time of publication.

The four notice categories are outlined as follows:

  • Advisory        Routine safety information
  • Warning         Urgent safety information
  • Recall             Urgent safety information relating to a product recall
  • Publications  General safety information provided by the HPRA for publication via 3rd parties e.g. EMA

Date Title Type
30/05/2019 Recall by Norbrook of one batch of Carprieve 5 per cent w/v Small Animal Solution for Injection, VPA 22664/69/1 to Veterinary Surgeon level in Ireland’ Recall
02/04/2019 Recall of all in-date batches of Anaestamine 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection to Veterinary Surgeon Level in Ireland Recall
26/03/2019 Change of meat and offal withdrawal period for Closivet Pour on for cattle and Closamectin Pour on for cattle Advisory
04/02/2019 Changes to the marketing authorisation numbers of certain veterinary medicinal products Advisory
06/12/2018 Recall by Norbrook of one batch of Alamycin LA 200 mg/ml Solution for Injection and one batch of Vitesel Suspension for Injection to Veterinary Surgeon / Pharmacy level in Ireland Recall
03/12/2018 Duotech Oral Suspension for Sheep, Parafend Plus Oral Suspension - Change to the meat withdrawal period Advisory
01/08/2018 Recall of One Batch of Bovaclox Milking Cow Intramammary Suspension to User Level in Ireland Recall
04/07/2018 Removal of the indication for treatment of infections caused by E. coli in chickens and/or turkeys for veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) containing enrofloxacin that are administered via the drinking water. Advisory
26/04/2018 Advisory notice relating to eye injuries in humans and dogs when using Osurnia ear gel for dogs Advisory
05/04/2018 Update on pharmacovigilance activities concerning veterinary medicinal products in the European Union during 2017 Advisory