Authorisations for Scientific Animal Protection

As the competent authority, our primary goal is to ensure that procedures involving the use of scientific animals adhere to the relevant EU and national legislation.

The authorisation process for breeders, suppliers and users of scientific animals follows a three-stranded system of control:

  1. Breeder/supplier/user authorisations: If you plan to establish a facility for breeding, supplying and/or using animals for scientific or educational purposes, your facilities and processes must be inspected by us.  Find Guides and forms for breeder/ supplier/user authorisations here.
  2. Project authorisations: To conduct scientific procedures involving the use of animals, you must provide a project application describing the planned study. We will review the study and if it meets the EU requirements, we grant it a project authorisation. Find Guides and forms for project authorisations here
  3. Individual authorisations: To conduct scientific procedures on animals, or to act as a project manager for a project authorisation, or to perform euthanasia of animals, you must be properly trained and get an individual authorisation from us. Find Guides and forms for individual authorisations here.

Additionally, we assess and approve amendments and renewals of the above authorisation types. 

Approval of Authorisation Applications

We have established timelines for all application procedures. Refer to the relevant guidance documents for details. In some cases, we may require an inspection before granting an authorisation. Once an authorisation is granted, holders are subject to inspections at their breeder/supplier/user establishment to ensure compliance with the terms of the authorisation. Some of these inspections will be unannounced.

We, too, may also be inspected by the European Commission to ensure compliance with the tasks laid down by Directive 2010/63/EU.