Training requirements & courses 

The EU Commission has published a document on an EU Education and Training Framework for those involved in designing projects using animals, or caring for animals that are bred, supplied or used for scientific purposes. To aid users and interested parties in understanding the specific education and training requirements, the HPRA has developed  Guide to Training, Education and Competency Requirement, accessible here. The guide clarifies the requirements for obtaining, maintaining and demonstrating specific competencies, through continuous training and education.

Note that the HPRA itself does not offer training. Instead, specialist providers furnish such services. To help readers access these services which are commercially available to researchers in Ireland, we have provided some links to external sites below:


Please note that while these external links offer informative content, the material is beyond the HPRA’s direct control.

The HPRA is responsible for overseeing the systems and training records for individuals affiliated to the authorised establishments. 

For any queries in relation to training requirements, please contact