Training Requirements & Courses 

As part of the implementation measures regarding Directive 2010/63/EU, the EU Commission elaborated a document on an EU Education and Training Framework for those involved in scientific animal protection, or the design of projects involving the use of animals.

This document represents a harmonised, Community-wide, consensus and can be found here

In order to assist users and interested parties in understanding the specific education and training requirements, the HPRA elaborated a Guide to Training, Education and Competency Requirement, which can be found here.

The document provides clarity on the requirements for obtaining, maintaining and demonstrating specific competencies and ancillary functions, as well as on the maintenance of competence through continuous training and education.

Note that the HPRA itself is not a training provider; such services are available from specialist providers e.g.:

CR        LAST IRELAND                TEARAP

     Charles River Campus                        LAST Ireland                                           TEARAP     

The HPRA approves the content of courses which we deem to meet the requirements and is responsible for overseeing the systems and records for training of the individuals affiliated to the authorised establishments. 

For any queries in relation to training requirements, please contact