Statistical reporting on animal use in Ireland

In accordance with our legal obligations, each year the HPRA collects and publishes statistical information on the use of animals in procedures. This information is provided to the European Commission by 10 November each year.


  • We collect information on the use of animals in procedures, including information on the actual severity of the procedures.
  • Information is provided to the European Commission using the Commission’s common reporting format.
  • Researchers and/or breeder/supplier/user establishments must submit the statistical information relating the previous year by 28 February of the following year.

Guidance and statistical reporting forms

  • Statistical data must be submitted using the EU statistical excel file template only. The  relevant HPRA contact person in each establishment will have the correct form. 

Published reports

Prior to 2013, the Department of Health was the competent authority for the regulation of animals used for scientific purposes and published information on the use of animals up until then. We are not in a position to address any queries in relation to their data.

Queries on statistical reporting should be sent to