Product Manager, Medical Devices Vigilance - Medical Devices

Closing date for applications: 10/11/2018

The Product Manager will report to the Medical Devices Vigilance Manager. In addition, the Product Manager will work closely with other senior managers and the Deputy Director within the Medical Devices department to achieve HPRA objectives relating to medical devices.

The Product Manager will work to:

  • Ensure that responses to all issues that arise in relation to medical devices are managed effectively and efficiently and to ensure that appropriate action is taken to minimise the risk to public health and ensure compliance to relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that the assessment of technical data for medical devices is carried out effectively and efficiently e.g. issues arising from vigilance cases or vigilance trends / signals as appropriate. Ensure that specific projects arising from vigilance cases or vigilance trends / signals are carried out as appropriate.
  • Manage the performance of the team by defining objectives, setting targets, co-ordinating activities, agreeing priorities, developing team members, maintaining effective communicating lines and ensuring the required standards policies and practices are in place.


A number of projects are underway within the Medical Device Department to review and develop our existing structures, activities and systems for medical devices. The Product Manager’s work and range of activities may change over-time. The Product Manager will need to be adaptable, flexible and able to participate and assist in change initiatives.

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