Declarations of Interests

The HPRA adheres stringently to the Ethics in Public Office Acts, 1995 and 2011. In addition, the IMB (now known as Health Products Regulatory Authority) Acts 1995 and 2006 have specific provisions which require an annual disclosure of interests by HPRA Board members, employees and members of advisory committees. 

These provisions are administered by the HPRA in line with best Irish and International practice. They provide assurance to the HPRA and to patients and the public we serve that potential conflicts of interest do not occur in relation to carrying out our regulatory functions whilst also allowing the HPRA to have access to the best available scientific experts. Annual disclosures extend not only to interests held by these individuals but also by members of their households. 

Staff of the HPRA are specifically prohibited by the Board from having any interest in any matter under consideration. The HPRA also proactively requires its advisory committee members (who are not staff of the HPRA but provide advice based on their scientific experience and expertise) to make an annual declaration of interest. The disclosure of any potential conflict of interest is a standing item on the agenda of every committee meeting and each member is asked to confirm that they have no conflict of interest with matters under discussion. 

Declarations of Interests 
As an extension of the policies which are already in place, and as committed to in our published Strategic Plan (2011-2015)Plean Straitéiseach (2011–2015), the HPRA is now publishing a summary of the individual declarations of interests relating to Board members and the management committee of the HPRA. To view these documents, please see the links below. 

Authority Members -
HPRA Authority Members - Declarations of Interest - October 2018
Management Committee - 
HPRA Management Committee - Declarations of Interest - May 2019

European Medicines Agency 
The European Medicines Agency publishes the declarations of interests of all European experts, including those from the HPRA, who provide scientific expertise through membership of the Agency’s committees, working parties and other groups. 

It is a requirement that all experts sign a declaration every year to ensure that they do not have any financial or other interests that could affect their impartiality.

Further information is available from the Agency’s website

Further Information 
If you have any queries regarding the HPRA’s transparency policy, please email or contact (01) 676 4971.