Medicines Information

You can easily search for information about medicines authorised by the HPRA.  

Our human medicines product database is a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of all medicines that have been assessed by the HPRA and granted a licence so that they can be marketed in Ireland.

The list includes all prescription and over-the-counter medicines whether they are original brand-name medicines or generic versions.  

The summary of product characteristics document (known as SPC) is also provided for each medicine. The SPC is typically used by healthcare professionals. The package leaflet which includes information for patients and members of the public is also available for a number of medicines.

All medicines centrally authorised by the European Medicines Agency are also listed.

ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical) Code

Information on the ATC code is published for each medicine.

Interchangeable and Generic Medicines

You can use the second search option above to search the our list of interchangeable medicines.

It is the role of the HPRA to establish, publish and maintain a list of interchangeable medicines on our website. Interchangeable medicines are defined as those medicines that (1) contain the same active ingredient in the same strength, (2) are in the same pharmaceutical form, and (3) have the same route of administration.

Search for groups of interchangeable medicines using  the trade name (brand name) of a medicine or the active substance.

To get the most relevant results, you will also need to confirm the strength of the medicine and whether it is a tablet, capsule or some other pharmaceutical form.

Advanced Search

The advanced search function* allows users to search for medicines information using one or more of the following fields:

  • Trade Name 
  • Active Substances 
  • Licence Holder 
  • Licence or Transfer Date 
  • Licence Number 
  • Dispensing Status 
  • Supply Status

In addition to the detail listed above, the information provided for each medicine includes the strength and the dosage form. Examples of the dosage form include tablet, cream and solution for injection.

*The advance search function is not available for Interchangeable and Generic Medicines