Medicines shortages

In European law, pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers must ensure an appropriate and continuous supply of the medicines they market. Companies should notify the HPRA of medicines shortages or potential shortages impacting the Irish market

We publish and maintain an up-to-date list of a medicines shortages impacting the Irish market. The information we provide is to help keep patients and healthcare professionals informed of current and resolved shortages.

We recognise that medicine shortages can be challenging for those relying on medicines for their health and well-being. Many medicines supplied in Ireland have more than one strength, form, pack size or brand available from different suppliers. If the medicine you have been taking is not available, your doctor or pharmacist will often be able to supply an alternative strength, form, or product. This will help ensure continuity of treatment.

Further information on medicines shortages for patients and healthcare professionals is provided below. This includes information on preventing, managing, and reporting shortages.

About medicines shortages

Our About medicines shortages page includes information on:

  • The definition of a medicine shortage.
  • Why shortages can occur.
  • How medicines shortages are handled in Ireland including details of the Medicines Shortages Framework


Reporting a medicine shortage

For more information on how to report a shortage please visit the Reporting a medicine shortage page

Specific product updates 

This page contains additional updates on specific medicines currently in short supply. You can find updates relating to:

  • GLP-1 receptor agonists

  • Concerta XL

  • Supply of medicines used most commonly during winter

  • Supply of ADHD medication


Resolved shortages

We maintain a list of resolved shortages showing where medicine supply has resumed. This list, which covers a six-month period, is updated regularly by the HPRA with information on resupply provided by companies.

Current shortages

View the current list of shortages affecting the Irish market here. We update this regularly with newly confirmed shortages notified to the HPRA.

Shortages included on the list are considered to have a medium or high impact on patients. More information on impact levels can be found in the medicines shortages framework.

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