Michael Dixon International Transport Limited

Company Details

Type Wholesaler
Address Food Central, St. Margarets, Dublin Show Map
Site Status

Authorisation & Site Details

Site Name Status Address Scope Date Classification of Medicinal Products
Michael Dixon International Transport Limited  Authorised  Food Central, St. Margarets, Dublin  Human  Current Date of Authorisation:
- Prescription only Medicinal Products
- Medicinal Products for General Sale
- Over the counter Medicinal Products for sale through pharmacies only
- Unauthorised Medicinal Products
- Parallel Imported Medicinal Products authorised by Parallel Product Authorisation (PPA)
- Parallel Imported medicinal product authorised by Dual Pack Registration (DPR)
- Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products
- Homeopathic Medicinal Products
- Parallel distributed centrally authorised medicinal products
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