Safety Notices

From time to time notices relating to the safety and/or quality of medicinal products are published by the Health Products Regulatory Authority

These notices are classified under several priority related categories and may relate to human and veterinary medicines, or medical devices.   

The issues covered by these notices will range from quality defect information and medicinal product safety information through to updated information on the appropriate usage of medicines or devices.

Notices are categorised in accordance with their importance at time of publication.

The four notice categories are outlined as follows:

  • Advisory  -  Routine safety information            
  • Warning  -  Urgent safety information
  • Recall  -  Urgent safety information relating to a product recall
  • Publications  -  General safety information provided by the HPRA for publication via 3rd parties e.g. MIMS

The HPRA Drug Safety Newsletter is also published on a regular basis.

Date Title Type
18/09/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages - upddate - 18 September 2019 Advisory
11/09/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 11 September 2019 Advisory
09/09/2019 HPRA IMF Article September 2019 3rd Party Publications
05/09/2019 Lucentis (ranibizumab) - Important Safety Information from Novartis Ireland as approved by the HPRA 3rd Party Publications
05/09/2019 BLINCYTO (blinatumomab) - Important Safety Information from AMGEN Ireland Ltd as approved by the HPRA (September 2019) 3rd Party Publications
04/09/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages – update – 4 September 2019 Advisory
28/08/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 28 August 2019 Advisory
26/08/2019 Gilenya (fingolimod) - Important Safety Information from Novartis Ireland Ltd 3rd Party Publications
21/08/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 21 August 2019 Advisory
14/08/2019 Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 14 August 2019 Advisory