Incompatibility of Various Glass Pre-filled Syringe Products with Certain Needle-free Connection Systems

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 28/09/2016


Product name or type:
Various Glass Pre-filled Syringe Products

Active Substance:

Authorisation Holder:

Prescription Required:

Target Audience:
Hospital Pharmacists, Resuscitation Officers, Ambulance Staff

Problem Or Issue:
Reports have been received of blockage of the syringe bore of various BD Hypak glass pre-filled syringes, when used to administer product through needle-free connection systems. The design of the BD Hypak glass pre-filled syringe means that the bore is too narrow to allow the cannula of certain needle-free systems to pass through and allow liquid to flow. Therefore, when glass syringes are used with those needle-free systems, an adapter must be used. Use without an adapter can cause the syringe bore to become blocked and delay administration of potentially life-saving medications. 

Please carefully read the attached information and take the recommended actions, as appropriate in your hospital. 

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