Sinemet Tablets — Important Reminder Caution-in-Use Communication for Healthcare Professionals — this follows a Caution-in-Use letter issued by MSD Ireland on 2 June 2020

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 15/12/2020

A caution-in-use communication has been issued for:

Sinemet® Plus (carbidopa/levodopa) 25mg/100mg Tablets- PA1286/9/4

Sinemet® (carbidopa/levodopa) 12.5mg/50mg Tablets - PA1286/9/2

The communication contains important reminder information for healthcare professionals. It is a reminder letter of information conveyed on 2 June 2020 regarding changes to guidance on Sinemet tablet subdivision and tablet removal from the blister packaging. 

Download the reminder caution-in-use communication dated 14 December 2020. 

Download the caution-in-use letter issued on 2 June 2020

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