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Veterinary Medicines Information

The HPRA’s database of veterinary medicinal products is an up-to-date listing of all veterinary medicines that have been assessed by the HPRA and granted a national marketing authorisation so that they can be marketed in Ireland. The inventory of newly authorised veterinary medicinal products is updated on a weekly basis, as new medicines are approved.

Marketing authorisations for veterinary medicines that are withdrawn by the marketing authorisation holders are immediately removed from the HPRA’s database. Such medicines can no longer be marketed in Ireland (but existing products which have already been supplied may continue to be used once they are within their designated expiry date). Significant changes to existing marketing authorisations (e.g. addition of newly approved indications for use, changes to withdrawal periods, change of product name etc.) are implemented as soon as the changes are approved by the HPRA. 

These changes are flagged in a monthly list of changes to the database, available here

You can use the search option on the HPRA’s veterinary medicines webpage to find information about veterinary medicines authorised by the HPRA.

Note that veterinary medicines:

• That are authorised by the European Commission under the central-authorisation procedure,
• That are authorised by the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine under exceptional provisions of the national legislation,
• That do not fall within the scope of the legislation on veterinary medicines (e.g. feed additives, biocides)

may also legally be supplied and used in accordance with national legislation. 

Even if a veterinary medicine has been granted a marketing authorisation by the HPRA, this does not necessarily mean that the product concerned is available on the Irish market. Some products that have been newly authorised might not yet be manufactured with the mandatory nationally approved label, or might be temporarily out of stock. Very occasionally, a veterinary medicine might not be commercialised in Ireland or might there might be temporary manufacturing or logistical issues which can lead to a shortage. Furthermore, sometimes an Irish marketing authorisation is required to support the authorisation of the same medicine in a third country which requires that the medicine be authorised in an EU Member State.

A Union Product Database of all veterinary medicines that have been authorised in the European Union (including both centrally-authorised veterinary medicines as well as veterinary medicines authorised nationally in any EU Member State) is accessible here.

A Summary of Product Characteristics document (known as an SPC) is provided for each medicine. The SPC details the pertinent information regarding the safety, use, storage and disposal of the product. The SPC is intended to be used by healthcare professionals, while the packaging information and package leaflet are intended for the product user.

Advanced Search

The advanced search function of the HPRA’s database of veterinary medicinal products that are authorised nationally allows users to search for medicines information using one or more of the following fields:

  • Trade Name
  • Active Substances
  • Licence Holder
  • Licence or Transfer Date
  • Licence Number
  • ATC Code
  • Therapeutic Class
  • Dispensing Status
  • Species
  • Legal Status

In addition to the detail listed above, the information provided for each medicine includes the strength and the dosage form. To view a short tutorial on how to conduct an advanced search, click here.