Precursor Chemicals Information Meeting - 2.00-5.00pm - 24 May 2010

Event Date: 24/05/2010 01:00


Overview of the EU control system
Licensing and registration requirements
Format of the inspection
Focus of the Inspection

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) is pleased to announce that it will host an Information Meeting focussing on Precursor Chemicals.  This event will be specific to licence and registration holders and will outline the requirements for control and monitoring of these substances.


In January of this year the IMB was nominated under the European Communities (Control of Drug Precursors) Regulations 2009 (S.I. No 558 of 2009) as the Competent Authority for purposes of the EU Regulations governing precursor chemicals as set out in the reference material. The Regulations were introduced to establish harmonised measures for control and monitoring of chemicals frequently used for the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances with a view to preventing the diversion of such substances. The Regulations apply to both intra-Community trade and trade between the Community and third countries.

Under SI 558 of 2009 the IMB’s remit now includes:  

  • The issuing of licences/registrations for the possession, supply, manufacture and import & export of Scheduled Substances (Precursor Chemicals).    

  • Responsibility for the submission of annual reports to the European Commission and International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) on trading activities and usage of these substances.  

  • Inspection of holders of licences and registration for precursors to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.


Aims of the Seminar

The purpose of the information meeting is to provide an overview of the legislative controls in this area.  Attendance is recommended as the event will provide an important update on the IMB’s undertaking of an inspection programme for licence/registration holders, which is planned to be initiated during 2010.


These inspections will be risk based, focusing on security, verification of usage, reconciliation and record keeping as relating to activities involving precursor chemicals.


Who Should Attend

Given the nature of the information that will be provided we would anticipate that attendance at the event would be of most benefit to those working in quality, regulatory or compliance related areas. 


Attendance is limited to two attendees per licence/registration holder.


Fee & Venue Details

Fee:  This event is free of charge.


Venue:  Camden Court Hotel, Camden Street, Dublin 2.


Please contact the hotel directly if you are interested in booking accommodation.

Telephone: 01 4759666


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