HPRA Information Notice - Food Intolerance Testing

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 24/03/2015

The HPRA would like to highlight an increasing number of food intolerance tests and services being made available in Ireland. These include testing services offered through nutritional and food intolerance centres, certain pharmacies, test kits for people to use in their own home and postal based services where people send blood specimens to a company’s laboratory and receive a result through the post or through an online service.

The diagnosis of any condition relating to ability to digest or “tolerate” foods and the clinical significance of this should be made in careful consultation with your doctor and should not be based on the use of self testing alone and/or use of testing services that have not been recommended by your doctor.

Full information notice available for download: HPRA Information Notice - Food Intolerance Tests

This information notice follows the publication in November 2014 of the HPRA's consumer information leaflet which advises caution when using self-test products. Our advice on using food intolerance tests should be read in conjunction with this.

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