Reyoungel Dermal Filler - Priority 2 - Warning

Notice type: Warning

Date: 22/02/2017



Problem Or Issue:
The dermal filler Reyoungel has been placed on the Irish market and has been found to be non-compliant with the medical device legislation. The use of this dermal filler may result in unexpected effects or complications.

Background Information Or Related Documents:
Reyoungel Dermal Filler - Priority 2 - Warning

Actions To Be Taken:

The HPRA advises the public:

1.Contact us and your GP if you think a Reyoungel dermal filler has been (or may have been) used on you.

The HPRA advises that beauticians and healthcare professionals:

2. Do not buy or use this dermal filler from websites or from any supplier.
3. Notify the HPRA of any suspected or confirmed incidents following the use of the Reyoungel dermal filler in patients or clients.

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