Clinical Trials

Before a medicinal product can be authorised for use, it must go through the clinical trials process to ensure that it is safe and effective and also that the quality of the product is sufficient.

The HPRA is responsible for the assessment of clinical trials with medicinal products conducted in Ireland. The types of trials assessed range from first-in-man studies for new compounds to studies with products which already have marketing authorisations. 
Clinical trials begin with small studies in a controlled population of volunteers or patients and, as data are gathered, expand to large scale studies in patients. These large scale studies will often investigate the new product and the currently used treatment to see how these two compare. As information is obtained, larger numbers of patients are exposed to the new product and safety data can be collected showing the safety of the product in the intended patient population. Information on the quality of the product and its non-clinical safety will have been obtained before the clinical trial programme commences. 

Details of clinical trials (except Phase 1 trials) authorised for conduct in Ireland are available on the EU CT Register.  *Use the advanced search function, and filter for ‘Ireland’.   


Clinical trials in Ireland are currently governed by the European Communities (Clinical Trials on Medicinal Products for Human Use) Regulations, 2004, SI No 190 of 2004 -

The Regulations transposed into Irish law the provisions of Council Directive 2001/20/EC

A new Clinical Trials Regulation (EU) No 536/2014 was adopted on 16 April 2014, and implementation is planned to take place in 2021. When implemented, Directive 2001/20/EC and associated laws will be repealed.

Clinical Trial Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 536/2014)

Clinical Trials Applications

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Inspections

Reporting Serious Adverse Events

Annual Safety Reporting Requirements

HPRA Pilot Project

The HPRA has initiated a national Pilot Project, in conjunction with the ethics committees, to prepare for implementation of the Clinical Trials Regulation in Ireland.  The project will run until the implementation of the Regulation. 

Sponsors are invited to participate. The main advantages for the sponsor are that they submit the HPRA and ethics committee documents to one location, the HPRA, and if feasible will receive a single national decision on the clinical trial.     

The guide explains the process in detail. This guide will be updated, as necessary, throughout the period of the pilot project.  

Documents must be submitted in a Part I and II dossier structure, as required by the legislation.  Dossier structure folders are available (LINK), and clinical trial documents can be added to the folders under the relevant headings. 

Part I dossier structure

Part II dossier structure

Substantial Modification dossier structure 

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Clinical trial and pilot cut-off dates

A list of cut-off dates for submission of CT Applications to the HPRA Pilot Project are available below.


Subcommittee dates 2020 (Please note that the dates in this document were updated in March 2020). 

Pilot cut-off and clinical trial meeting dates for 2020 (Please note that the dates in this document were updated in March 2020). 


Subcommittee dates 2021

Pilot cut-off and clinical trial meeting dates 2021