LiDa Daidaihua Capsules

Notice type: Warning

Date: 15/07/2008


Product name or type:
LiDa Daidaihua Capsules

IMB Reference: QDR-H-08-265

Authorisation Number:

Active Substance:

Manufacturer Or Supplier:
Manufactured by: 
Kunming Dali                                               
Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.,                                               
No. 372 West Renmin Road,                                                   
Kunming, Yuman, 

Suppliers unconfirmed.

Serial Or Batch Number And Expiry Date:
Serial/Batch Number(s):          All batches 
Expiry Date:                              Various

Recall Classification:
Recall Required:                      Yes (User level)

Target Audience:
  • The General Public and Users of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products
  • Suppliers and Retailers of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products
  • Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Pharmacists

Problem Or Issue:
The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) wishes to warn consumers about an inappropriate and potentially adulterated herbal slimming product named LiDa Daidaihua Capsules.   

The IMB is concerned about this product following complaints relating to the availability of the product on the Irish Market and receipt of alerts from another European Member State regarding the possible adulteration of LiDa Daidaihua Capsules with a prescription-only medicine or other inappropriate substances.   

The IMB investigation of this product is ongoing. The IMB advises that this product should not be consumed and any LiDa Daidaihua Capsules should be returned to the retailer that they were purchased from. You may wish to bring a copy of this statement with you to explain the reason for the return. Please notify the IMB at the contact details below with details of where you purchased the LiDa Daidaihua Capsules.  

Any suspected adverse reactions associated with use of LiDa Daidaihua Capsules should be notified to the IMB, via the on-line reporting system accessible from and by following the link to ‘on-line reporting’.  A downloadable report form is also available from the website.

Background Information Or Related Documents:

The following information is intended to be helpful in identifying the products of concern:  

  • This product is packaged in capsule form.    
  • The capsules are green in colour, and are contained within a blister-strip. 
  • The blister strip is silver in colour, with blue and purple Chinese markings.  
  • The blister strip is contained with an aqua-green coloured cardboard box, showing a picture on the front cover of a female behind a newspaper.  
Click here to read the Finalised Letter to Trade and Professional bodies 14/07/2008

Related Photographs of the product in question:

Blister Strip


Lida Outer Carton Market Compliance Sample

Lida Outer Carton Market Compliance Sample 2

LiDa Daidaihua Capsules Document

Actions To Be Taken:
Any patients or members of the public who are using, or have used LiDa Daidaihua Capsules, are advised to immediately cease taking that product and to consult with their pharmacist or doctor if they have any concerns. 

Any persons holding stock of the above product for sale, or who have supplied this product to others, should put the packs in a safe place immediately and notify the IMB at the contact details below.               

The IMB is also alerting trade and other relevant organisations representing companies or individuals supplying, selling or using Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products today to advise them of this issue, so that their members can be made aware of this information as soon as possible.  In this regard, the IMB requests trade and other relevant organisations to bring the information in this warning notice to the attention of their members, so that their members may cease supplying/selling/using this product, and contact the IMB.  Any packs of this product should be immediately quarantined.             

The Irish Medicines Board is also requesting any retailers and suppliers of these products to contact their customers, where possible, so that they can be advised of the above.    

The IMB wishes to advise that vigilance should always be exercised in relation to the purchase, sale and/or use of any medicinal product, including Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products.  Medicinal products such as the above product are not authorised for use in Ireland, and cannot be regarded as safe.  These types of products are illegal medicines and should not be purchased for use over the internet.

Further Information:
The HPRA contact person for this issue is:   

Kevin O' Donnell, Ph.D. 
Senior Inspector & Market Compliance Manager, 
Health Products Regulatory Authority, 
Earlsfort Terrace, 
Dublin 2, 

Tel:   +353-1-6764971 
Fax:  +353-1-6764061

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