Magicream 25.01.2011

Notice type: Warning

Date: 25/01/2011


Product name or type:
Magicream Cream


Authorisation Number:
None - This is not an authorised medicine

Active Substance:
Stated on Label as "Natural Herbal Ingredients"

Manufacturer Or Supplier:
Unknown at this Time

Serial Or Batch Number And Expiry Date:
All batches

Recall Classification:
Patient / User Level

Target Audience:
Members of the Public
Healthcare Professionals
Retailers of Herbal Medicinal Products

Problem Or Issue:
The IMB wishes to advise the general public and healthcare professionals that samples of the product known as Magicream have been found to be adulterated with two medicines. The samples, when tested by an independent laboratory, contained the medicines clobetasol propionate, which is a steroid, and ketoconazole, which is used to treat fungal infections. Products containing these substances require an Irish Medicines Board or European Medicines Agency Product Authorisation, in order to be legally sold on the Irish market.

Clobetasol propionate and ketoconazole are not indicated on the product labelling as being present and they render this product an illegal medicine. Magicream is not authorised for marketing in Ireland and cannot be considered safe.

Magicream has been available for purchase over the internet.

Clobetasol propionate-containing products cannot legally be sold in Ireland without a prescription, while the sale of ketoconazole-containing products is confined to pharmacies only. It is illegal to sell such products on the internet to customers in Ireland.

Background Information Or Related Documents:
Magicream comes in a small yellow tub. The tub bears a yellow label with green text. 

Please see the links below to images of the product.


Magicream 25.01.2011 Document

Actions To Be Taken:
Any retailers of herbal medicinal products who have identified Magicream in their possession should immediately quarantine the stock and notify the IMB at the contact details below. If retailers have supplied this product to customers, the IMB is requesting that every effort be made to contact those customers, so that the product can be quarantined and the IMB contacted.

Any persons who are in the possession of Magicream should place the stock in a safe place and immediately contact the IMB, at the details below.

Any patients or members of the public who are using, or have used, Magicream are advised to immediately stop using this product and to consult their doctor or pharmacist, even if they have already stopped taking the product.  When consulting with their doctor or pharmacist, patients may find it useful to take a copy of this notification with them. 

Further Information:
The HPRA contact person for this issue is:

Mr. Rob Smyth
Market Compliance Technical Officer
Health Products Regulatory Authority,
Earlsfort Terrace,
Dublin 2.

Tel: +353-1-6764971
Fax: +353-1-6764061

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