Medicinal Product Shortages - update - 27 March 2019

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 27/03/2019


Further Information:

The Health Products Regulatory Authority has been notified of a shortage of the following products:

  • Accupro 10mg Film Coated Tablet – PA0822/007/002
  • Aciclovir 25mg/ml Concentrate for Solution for Infusion (500mg/20ml presentation) – PA0822/215/001
  • Clonactil 100mg Film Coated Tablet – PA0126/026/002
  • Edarbi 20mg Tablet – EU/1/11/734/002
  • Muse 250mcg Urethral Stick – PA2010/028/002
  • Muse 500mcg Urethral Stick – PA2010/028/003
  • Muse 1000mcg Urethral Stick – PA2010/028/004
  • Trileptal 300mg Film Coated Tablet – PA0896/033/002


 The following shortage has been resolved and supply has resumed to the Irish market:

  • Konverge 40mg/5mg Tablet – PA0865/017/002
  • Konverge 40mg/10mg Tablet – PA0865/017/003
  • Minulet 75mcg/30mcg Coated Tablet – PA0822/093/001
  • Parnate 10mg Coated Tablet – PA0899/016/001
  • Trileptal 600mg Film Coated Tablet – PA0896/033/003

Please see the shortages section of the 
HPRA website for further information.

The HPRA will be sending weekly updates concerning medicinal product shortages. However, the above webpage will be updated in real time.

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