National Monitoring Update: HPV Vaccine (Gardasil)

Notice type: 3rd Party Publications

Date: 11/11/2010


Background Information Or Related Documents:
The HSE commenced the HPV Schools Immunisation Programme in May 2010 using the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) is actively monitoring experience with the use of Gardasil as the vaccination programme continues. 

It is estimated that 60,000 doses have been distributed and approximately 45,000 doses of Gardasil administered up to the end of October 2010. Up to this date (31/10/2010), the IMB received a total of 64 reports of adverse events associated with use of Gardasil. 55 of these reports were received since the beginning of the Schools Immunisation Programme, with 9 reports received prior to this. 

The majority of reports have been consistent with the expected pattern of adverse effects for the vaccine, as outlined in the product information. 

This update provides an overview of the reports of suspected adverse reactions received by the IMB in association with Gardasil. Additional information is provided to assist with interpretation and understanding of the data. 

For further information about Gardasil, including the product information, visit the HPV School Immunisation section of our website. 

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