Precautionary notice for consumers on the health dangers of illegal medicines containing Sibutramine

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 04/01/2012


Product name or type:
Illegal medicines containing Sibutramine (see list below)

Target Audience:
Members of the Public

Problem Or Issue:
The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today issued a strong precautionary message for consumers on the health dangers of taking any Sibutramine containing slimming products. Sibutramine was withdrawn from use as a medicine in Ireland and across the entire EU in early 2010 due to the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Specifically, the IMB is warning consumers not to purchase particular slimming products which may be available illegally online, as packs of those products have been found to contain Sibutramine. Slimming products containing sibutramine can also damage your health by interacting with other medicines you might be taking. 

The IMB is advising consumers to dispose of any of the products listed below that they may have and, if they are feeling any ill effects after taking any of these products, to contact their doctor immediately.

Some of the products are presented as containing only natural extracts and ingredients and the presence of sibutramine is not declared on the label. The IMB is warning that there can be no guarantee of the safety or quality of these products. It is also possible that some of these products will contain additional undeclared active ingredients. For example, Chinashow and Reduce Weight Fruta Planta have been found to also contain phenolphthalein, a laxative that has not been permitted in medicines for a number of years due to concerns over its potential to cause cancer. 

The products listed here are all unauthorised and it is illegal to supply them into Ireland. The manufacturers and suppliers involved operate outside the approved system for manufacture and supply of medicines. As a result, there is no way of knowing if the product you are consuming is safe or how and where it was manufactured. 

Other health agencies, including those in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the US, are also highlighting the dangers of sibutramine containing products and have issued similar warnings. 

List of illegal medicines containing Sibutramine 
Further information and images of some of the products referred to below can be found here

1. Botanical Slimming 100% Natural Soft Gel (Capsules), also sold as Meizitang 
2. Lipro Diet Pills 
3. LiDa Capsules 
4. Li Da Daidaihua 
5. Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Capsules 
6. ZenSlim 
7. Chinashow (Capsules) 
8. Slim body #1 Capsules 
9. Slimforte Slimming Coffee 
10. Slimforte Slimming Capsules 
11. Svelte 30 Capsules 
12. Celerite Slimming Tea 
13. Celerite Slimming Capsules 
14. Fat Burner No. 1 Capsules 
15. Herbal Diet Natural Capsule 
16. Tea Polyphenol Capsules 
17. Ultra Effect Capsules 
18. Slim Magic Herbal Capsules 
19. Natural Slim Capsules 
20. 2 Day Diet Capsules 
21. Best Life Fat Burning Capsules 
22. Slim 3 in 1 Slim Formula 
23. Golden Root Formula 
24. Riomont 
25. Capsule 1 
26. Eight Treasure Emperor Capsule 
27. Paiyouji Plus 
28. Slimex 
29. Leisure 18 
30. Jianfei 
31. Royal Viga 
32. Sibutramine HCI Monohydrate Capsules 
33. Slimming Coffee 
34. Super Slim 
35. Zhen de shou 
36. Sibustat - 15 
37. Obestat - 15 
38. Obety - 15 
39. Slim Quick capsules
40. Slimina Slimming Coffee powder
41. DaiDaiHuaJiaoNang capsules
42. Body Beauty coffee granules
43. Xiuzi Slimming capsules
44. Classic Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules
45. Ultimate Formula Capsules

NOTE: This list should not be viewed as including every product offered illegally on line. Slight variations of these names may appear on the labels and there may be other products which also illegally contain Sibutramine.

Background Information Or Related Documents:
Consumers are again advised about the dangers of purchasing any prescription-only medicinal products via the internet – see our leaflet on Dangers of Buying Medicines Online. In addition to being illegal, products purchased in this way may not meet the same standards of quality, safety and efficacy as those approved by the IMB for supply in Ireland and may contain undisclosed and potentially harmful ingredients.

Precautionary notice for consumers on the health dangers of illegal medicines containing Sibutramine Document

Actions To Be Taken:
If you are taking, any of the products listed above you are advised to immediately cease doing so and to consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns. When speaking with your doctor or pharmacist, you may find it helpful to take a copy of this IMB notification with you. 

Some members of the public may have purchased these products unaware of the dangers associated with their use. Those wishing to dispose of any remaining quantities can contact the IMB  in confidence using the contact details below. In the meantime, the products should be stored safely out of the sight and reach of others. 

Any suspected side effects associated with the use of any of the above-listed products should be notified to the IMB via our online reporting system. Details of the product(s) used should be included in the report. 

The IMB encourages you to report suspected counterfeit and adulterated medicinal products to: 

Enforcement Section:
Tel: +353-1-6343436 
Fax: +353-1-6344047 

Further Information:
Further information and images of some of the products referred to in this notice can be found here

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