Product Information Update – Chloromycetin Redidrops Eye Drops (Chloramphenicol)

Notice type: 3rd Party Publications

Date: 08/06/2021

The HPRA would like to highlight a letter issued to healthcare professionals by Advanz Pharma on 7 June 2021. Please note that it is a copy of a letter previously published on the HPRA website, dated 21 October 2020 (link below). There is no change to the information that was provided in October 2020.

The letter communicates that the product information has been updated to contraindicate use in the paediatric population under 2 years old due to its boron content. Please download the letter using the link below. 

Product name or type:
Chloromycetin 0.5% w/v Redidrops Eye Drops, Solution.

Authorisation Holder:
Amdipharm Limited

Further Information:

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