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CANIXIN DHPPi/L lyophilisate suspension for injection for dogs

Virbac S.A.VPA10988/101/002

Main Information

Trade NameCANIXIN DHPPi/L lyophilisate suspension for injection for dogs
Active SubstancesCanine distemper virus
Canine adenovirus type 2
Canine parvovirus
Canine parainfluenza
L. icterohaemorrhagiae
Dosage FormLyophilisate and suspension for suspension for injection
Licence HolderVirbac S.A.
Licence NumberVPA10988/101/002

Group Information

ATC CodeQI07AI02 live canine distemper virus + live canine adenovirus + live canine parainfluenza virus + live canine parvovirus + inactivated leptospira
Therapeutic ClassImmunological - Live Vaccine


License statusAuthorised
Licence Issued11/12/2015
Legal StatusPOM: Prescription Only Medicine as defined in relevant national legislation


Summary of Product Characteristics *PDF Version
Package LeafletNo document available
Public Assessment ReportNo document available
VariationsNo document available

* The PDF document, together with the national-specific product information on this page, constitute the authorised SPC
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