Regulatory flexibility to ensure availability of veterinary medicines during COVID-19 pandemic

News Category: Regulatory news

Date: 04/05/2020

The European Commission, EMA and the CMDv (Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedure – Veterinary) have issued guidance on adaptations to the regulatory framework to companies that develop, manufacture and distribute veterinary medicines in order to address some of the constraints posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the jointly developed question-and-answer (Q&A) document, regulatory rules for veterinary medicines should be applied with greater flexibility in the context of COVID-19 when necessary to mitigate the risk of supply disruptions caused by the pandemic. The guidance aims to ensure that high-quality, safe and effective veterinary medicines that are essential for protecting public and animal health continue to be available during the public health crisis.

Further details can be found on the EMA website.

View contact details for the HPRA Veterinary Sciences department that are in place during the COVID-19 reponse.

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