Information Campaigns

For the full benefit, take 3 minutes

Take 3 minutes information campaign image

The HPRA's first ever national information campaign was launched in September 2016. The focus of the HPRA adverts was to highlight the importance of the safe use of medicines as well as medication adherence in general.

Our key message to members of the public was to take care when taking medication and specifically to be aware of and read the information and directions for use that come with every medicine. Research results published by the HPRA showed that fewer people are taking the time to read these important details.

If members of the public have any questions or concerns about a medicine, they should contact their healthcare professional.

Radio adverts

There were three versions of the radio advert each of which is linked to a certain time of day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overall, however, the key message in each version is the same and encourages those taking - or giving medicines to someone in their care - to take the time to remind themselves about the right dose and directions for use.

Our radio ads were broadcast across a wide number of national and local stations. Listen to the ads below:  

HPRA Take 3 Minutes
Breakfast Radio Advert

HPRA Take 3 Minutes
Lunchtime Radio Advert

HPRA Take 3 Minutes
Evening Radio Advert

Digital adverts

The digital adverts included the theme: "For the full benefit, take 3 minutes". A clock appeared counting up to 3 minutes and encourages viewers to follow the directions that come with their medicine.

The digital versions of the adverts appeared across a number of news and general interest websites.


Print adverts

In the past, the campaign has also featured print adverts. The theme of these ads, which featured in a number of national newspapers, was “For the full benefit, take 3 minutes". The adverts reminded readers of the importance of taking time to understand and follow the directions for use that come with their medicine.