Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 

Delivering for patients through collaborative health product regulation

Our Strategic Plan sets out our ambition for the next five years to deliver better outcomes for people and animals through value-driven regulation and partnerships. The Strategic Plan contains five goals, which are outlined on this page.

For more information, please download the Strategic Plan

Strategic goal 1: Health system partnerships

Strengthening our collaborations across all areas of the health system

Strategic objectives

  • Address current and emerging public health challenges and priorities

  • Enhance the role of the HPRA as a partner and contributor within the health system

  • Enhance national systems to better regulate animal health products and scientific animal use

Strategic goal 2:  Progressive regulation

Increasing our use of proportionate and adaptive approaches for better patient outcomes

Strategic objectives

  • Maximise the opportunity presented by new legislation to enhance regulation of health products

  • Strengthen use of risk based approaches to regulation

  • Respond to the globalised industry and markets

Strategic goal 3: Communication and engagement

Improving our models of engagement to strengthen public trust and confidence

Strategic objectives 

  • Engage with stakeholders to drive improvements in regulatory activities

  • Strengthen trust in the regulatory system through greater transparency and clarity

  • Further develop information resources and communication platforms

Strategic goal 4: Enabling innovation

Enhancing our supports for innovation from discovery through to regulatory approval

Strategic objectives 

  • Promote an agile approach to appropriate regulation of innovations

  • Contribute to Irish research through outreach and engagement

  • Prioritise areas of innovation for organisational development

Strategic goal 5: Great people, great processes

Developing our organisation and people to successfully achieve our goals

Strategic objectives 

  • Develop and empower our people to achieve and succeed

  • Improve organisation effectiveness through extended and enhanced use of digital technologies

  • Create better ways of working for the organisation, its stakeholders and the environment

  • Ensure financial stability and capacity to meet the future needs of the organisation