Veterinary Contact Information 

Please email queries to the relevant contact address below.


Contact details

Veterinary medicinal products

Adverse reactions involving veterinary medicinal products

Scientific animal protection


Contact details - Urgent queries 

If you have an query regarding a veterinary medicinal product related to the specific areas listed below, please use the following contact details during office hours. 

Planning and Authorisation

Elaine Hynes +353-1-634-3316

Danielle Kirwan  +353-1-634-3318

Shannon Kieran +353-1-634-3820

Safety and Efficacy

Paul McNeill +353-1-634-3530 

Mary O’Grady +353-1-634-3312 

Urgent quality defects, recalls and inspection-related matters

View emergency contact details for urgent quality defects and recalls of medicinal products and for urgent inspection-related matters.


Please note that other HPRA contact information is available on our main Contact Us page.