Contact Information for Medical Devices 

Guidance on the medical device regulatory submission process for key areas such as incident reporting, applications for compassionate use of a medical device and device registration is available on our dedicated webpage for devices.

In times of urgency, please note that we are continually monitoring the following mailboxes.

Medical Device Issue

 Contact details

Medical Device Adverse Incident reporting, information regarding serious risk, falsified devices and any issue regarding device safety

Medical Device Compassionate use applications


Medical Device Registration and other queries

Emergency contact details for medical devices

Urgent field safety corrective actions or adverse incidents of medical devices:

Dhanashree Gokhale
Patrick Murphy  

Regulatory compliance issues that impact supply:

Nicola Hickie 

Compassionate use applications:

Donal O'Connor 

In vitro diagnostic medical device urgent issues:

Dhanashree Gokhale
Please note that other HPRA contact information is available on our main Contact Us page.