Commission issue Update regarding West Nile Virus Cases in Europe

Notice type: Advisory

Date: 21/11/2008


Product name or type:
Blood components intended for transfusion; Tissues & cells for human application

Target Audience:
Blood Establishments & Tissue Establishments including Procurement Organisations

Problem Or Issue:
The European Commission has provided an update to all Competent Authorities for Blood and Blood Components and Tissues and Cells on the occurrences of West Nile Virus in parts of Europe in recent months.
The text of this update is available below for information. Additional documents circulated by the European Commission for information are also available.   

Please note that this update includes information on the identification of cases in areas of Hungary and Romania. This is in addition to the cases identified in the Bologna and Ferrara Districts of Italy.

Background Information Or Related Documents:

Link to:   

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Commission issue Update regarding West Nile Virus Cases in Europe Document

Actions To Be Taken:
Where relevant, appropriate donor screening measures (i.e. amendment of donor selection criteria to include donor travel history questions) and deferrals should be implemented for donors who have visited these areas so as to ensure the safety of blood and tissues and cells collected and procured in Ireland

Further Information:
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Irish Medicines Board.

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