Rolling work plan 2023

The Patient Forum is a platform for dialogue and exchange on topics relevant to patients regarding the regulation of medicines and medical devices. The HPRA established the forum to give Irish patients a voice in the regulatory process, especially in areas of patient safety, licensing, and use, and how the Authority communicates with wider society.

The forum is based on a partnership approach to empower patients so their experience and perspectives are heard, acknowledged, and actioned. This approach aims to bring about positive improvements in the regulation of health products. 

As set out in the Terms of Reference for the forum, members will work with the HPRA to prepare an annual rolling work plan. The plan will include topics aligned with the purpose of the forum. Agreed topics will also be of common interest to both patients and the HPRA.

The work plan will be kept under review. It will be updated as needed based on progress against agreed actions.

Members of the forum and the HPRA discussed the work plan for 2023 at a meeting on 13 December 2022. The work plan was later agreed at a meeting on 28 March 2023.

Topics for 2023

The focus for 2023 is to continue to deepen the engagement between the HPRA and forum members. The forum will continue work on topics from the 2022 workplan and explore new topics identified as a priority.

As part of the rolling work plan for 2023, the Patient Forum will:

  1. Prepare an annual report to the Authority on the work of the patient forum since its establishment in 2022.
  2. Undertake a review of the forum’s terms of reference. As part of the review, further consideration will be given to membership, including the diversity and inclusivity of representation.
  3. Continue to engage on development of a HPRA induction module on the importance of being patient-focused for HPRA employees.
  4. Co-develop a pilot of the forum’s patient speaker programme for HPRA employees.
  5. Continue to engage on matters related to the reporting of safety issues by members of the public to the HPRA. This will include progressing collaborative approaches with patient organisations.
  6. Continue to engage on matters related to medicines shortages.
  7. Hold an information session for members on the regulation of medical devices and the role of the HPRA.
  8. Hold an information session for members on how medicines are developed and regulated including generics.
  9. Hold an information session on quality defect reporting and management by the HPRA.
  10. Be consulted on the proposed redevelopment of the HPRA website.

Download the 2023 rolling work plan of the HPRA Patient Forum in full. You can also view the 2022 workplan.